Windsurfing Tuition & Courses*

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Ocean Elements offers inclusive tuition (free lessons) in all our Beachclubs. In Vassiliki, tuition is free for 5 days (3 hrs / day) and in Porto Heli and Leda, tuition is free for one Starter or Refresher lesson (3 hrs) on your first day, to equip you with the skills to use our great kit all week. Don't forget that all beach clubs offer you the chance to go Free Sailing if lessons aren't your thing! Free tuition starts at 13yrs +. Younger windsurfers should make use of our excellent Youth Squad programme.


How to take part in a course
If you are keen to get a qualification during your stay, please ask our beach team on arrival and they will advise on how to make the most out of your week whilst getting the best out of your sailing.

Younger guests can join our excellent Youth Squad for dedicated and focussed professional RYA tuition in order to maximise progression during their stay.


If you’ve never Windsurfed’ before you will be amazed at how easy it is to grasp the basics. You will start from the beach in warm, shallow waters and light winds.
You can progress at your own pace in our friendly, sociable group lessons each day to gain an RYA qualification during your week, thus returning home a fully-fledged and qualified ‘Windsurfer’.
Windsurfing for Beginners


All our Beach Club resorts are ideal for Intermediate Windsurfers, where our inclusive lessons focus on perfecting your technique, and progressing onto more advanced boards and in a fun and sociable environment for all ages.
Whether you are looking for a refresher lesson or a step up to the next level - our team of patient and energetic Royal Yachting Association (RYA) instructors will be there all the way.
Windsurfing for Intermediate


Vassiliki is legendary with Windsurfing and epic conditions are almost always guaranteed! The mornings (Force 1-3) offer light wind practice, big sail handling and trick practice. The afternoons (Force 3-7) is where the excitement begins!
Try fast tricks, fast planing and big grins all round - with our expert and Pro coaches on hand - we will ensure you learn lots of new skills, use video coaching, speed boat coaching and on shore training simulators.